05 March 2018

Look the video about Trienergia’s module line production

How to realize the Trienergia module Backcontact MWT

Have you ever wondered how Trienergia modules are produced?

We at Trienergia strongly believe in the value of an Italian product, made in Italy, that bases its roots in the territory, from which we draw inspiration and on which we want to build the future.
Watch the video to follow the production of the 60-cell Trienergia module step by step.

The video shows all the phases of the production process of the innovative high efficiency Trienergia photovoltaic panels, realized with the latest generation backcontact technology.

The production process, completely automatic, provides:

  1. Positioning of the conductive backsheet made with EBfoil® BYS, which acts as a contact and connection for the positive / negative contacts on the back of the solar panel
  2. Laying of the cells that make up the photovoltaic module: these are glued on the backsheet by the silk-screen dispensing of a special conductive glue; at the same time a quality control is performed on the cells:
    Chipping: chipping on the edge of the cell
    Breakage: cell breakage
    Microcrack: cell micro-perforation not visible to the naked eye
    Positioning: positioning of the cell
  3. Application of an EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) sheet, very flexible and elastic, which encapsulates the cells with the backsheet
  4. Glass application
  5. Flipping, rotation of the module to enter lamination resting on the glass
  6. Panel lamination
  7. Framing, assembly of the frame
  8. Tests: solar simulator and electroluminescence