In response to the technical and design needs of today's energy market, Trienergia provides innovative, high-quality services with a focus on design that ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Personalized Consultation

Our experienced team will guide you in choosing the ideal photovoltaic solutions for your needs.

Incentives and Tax Deductions

Maximize the financial benefits of solar energy through available incentives and tax deductions.

Quick Delivery

Thanks to our highly automated plant, we offer a steady and easily programmable supply over time.


With over a decade of experience and a deep market knowledge, Trienergia establishes itself as a reliable and cutting-edge manufacturer.


In response to energy market fluctuations and the need for timely supply, Trienergia guarantees consistent deliveries through its advanced automated facility.


Design lies at the heart of our photovoltaic solutions, combining aesthetics and functionality into a single solution.

Ask for advice

Do you need to speak with a Trienergia representative to find the most suitable solution for your needs? Get in touch with us!

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Trienergia is dedicated to designing and implementing customized photovoltaic systems for a wide range of residences.

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Trienergia designs and implements customized photovoltaic systems tailored to the Commercial & Industrial sector.

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