Photovoltaic Module TRIxxxTP-RR MWT 21 cells (triangular) RED


Photovoltaic Module TRIxxxTP-RR MWT 21 cells (triangular) RED


The Trienergia TRIxxxTP-RR RED modules are photovoltaic panels in a "triangular" shape, with a brick red color. The red solar panels blend perfectly on the roofs of high-end houses or villas and are ideal for domestic installations in areas subject to historical and landscape constraints.


Ideal for installations with high aesthetic value.


Product guaranteed for 20 years.

High performance

12-year 90% performance guarantee.

Technical information

TRIxxxTP-RR Triangular – RED 

Perfect for installations with high aesthetic value

  • 21 CELLE M6 - 166x166 mm 
  • Monocrystalline PERC MWT Photovoltaic Module with Backcontact
  • Conductive Backsheet Dimensions: 1035 x 1035 x 35 mm 
  • Weight: 7.0 kg 
  • Red colour 
  • Red aluminium frame 
  • Central Junction Box Compatible 
  • MC4 connectors Product 
  • Warranty: 20 years* 
  • Performance Warranty: 12 years at 90% | 30 years at 82% 
  • Certifications: IEC 61215 – IEC 61730 – IEC 61701 – FIRECLASS 1

*25-year warranty only for Green Specialist GOLD installers

Additional Information

Trienergia TRIxxxTP-RR are triangular red photovoltaic panels designed for high-end residential installations.

The Trienergia TRIxxxTP-RR, triangular red photovoltaic panels for high-end residential installations, have been designed to seamlessly integrate into the design of prestigious villas and houses without compromising aesthetics, and most importantly, without sacrificing high energy efficiency. This is achieved through the innovative Trienergia Energy Design, a modular solution that allows for aesthetically harmonious coverage of triangular and trapezoidal roofs by combining these triangular panels of 21 cells with rectangular panels of 42 and 60 cells. By exploiting almost the entire roof surface, not only the best aesthetic result is achieved, but also a higher production of solar energy from the sun.

These panels preserve the architectural uniqueness of Italy, guaranteeing minimal visual impact and are particularly suitable for discerning customers who do not want to forego the installation of a high-performance domestic photovoltaic system even in special historical and landscape contexts. This solution is also highly appreciated by designers who must comply with landscape constraints in particular geographical areas, as these panels enhance the value of the residence.

The red solar panels by Trienergia are assembled in the Trienergia plant in the province of Mantua using next-generation technologies in the photovoltaic field.

The panels feature backcontact Metal Wrap Through (MWT) technology with electrodes on the back of the module, and the photovoltaic cells are free of soldering (they are no longer soldered at the connection points, but glued to a special conductive backsheet). This results in a significant increase in efficiency, approximately 20% more than standard photovoltaic panels, and a reduction in the risk of breakage and microfractures. Moreover, since the cells are not connected to each other with ribbons but are individually glued to the backsheet, there is also an integrated optimization of performance in case of partial shading on the panels. With partial shading, indeed, the power of the entire string of cells is not lost, but only that of the shaded ones.

Each triangular red photovoltaic panel consists of 21 M6 cells (166 x 166 mm) of monocrystalline silicon with PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) technology and it is suitable for grid-connected installations, i.e., connected to the electrical grid.

Available power ratings and panel specifications can be found in the datasheet available in the Download section of this page:

  • TRI115TP-RR (rated power 115 Wp)
    The performance warranty is 90% after 12 years and 82% after 30 years.

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