Photovoltaic Module TRIxxxSP-WW MWT 60 cells WHITE


Photovoltaic Module TRIxxxSP-WW MWT 60 cells WHITE


The Trienergia TRIxxxSP-WW modules are white photovoltaic solar panels, suitable for residential systems of high aesthetic value

Technical information

Ideal for systems with high aesthetic value

60 M6 CELLS - 166 x 166 mm 
MonoPERC MWT Photovoltaic Module with Backcontact Conductive Backsheet
Dimensions 1712 x 1035 x 30 mm
Weight 20.0kg
Backsheet color WHITE
White aluminum frame
Central JunctionBox
Compatible MC4 connectors
Product warranty: 20 years*
Performance guarantee: 12 years at 90% |  30 years at 82%
Certificates: IEC 61215 – IEC 61730 – IEC 61701 – FIRECLASS 1

*25 Years warranty only for Green Specialist GOLD installers

Additional Information

The completely automatic production process includes:

Positioning of the conductive backsheet made with EBfoil® BYS, which acts as a contact and connection for the positive/negative contacts located on the back of the solar panel
Laying of the cells that make up the photovoltaic module: these are glued onto the backsheet by silk-screen dispensing of a special conductive glue; at the same time a quality control is carried out on the cells:
Chipping: chipping on the edge of the cell
Breakage: breakage of the cells
Microcrack: micro-breakage of the cells not visible to the naked eye
Positioning: positioning of the cell
Application of an EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) sheet, very flexible and elastic, which encapsulates the cells with the backsheet
Application of glass
Flipping, rotation of the module to enter lamination by resting on the glass
Panel lamination
Framing, assembly of the frame
Tests and verifications: solar simulator and electroluminescence

Available models:

  • TRI220SP-WW

In terms of performance, 90% efficiency is guaranteed for up to 12 years and 82% for up to 30 years of use.

The panels are assembled in the Trienergia factory in the province of Mantua.

The sale of these black photovoltaic modules is mainly aimed at installers, designers and wholesalers. To find out the cost, simply request a free quote by filling out the form in the "Request a free quote" panel.