Photovoltaic Module TRIxxxVP-BB MWT 132 half-cut cells BLACK


Photovoltaic Module TRIxxxVP-BB MWT 132 half-cut cells BLACK


The Trienergia TRIxxxVP-BB 132 half-cell modules are latest generation photovoltaic panels, with high performance and a high aesthetic impact thanks to the full-black colour. Ideal for domestic and industrial photovoltaic systems  installed on valuable properties or in areas that want to maintain a high aesthetic and landscape sense.


Ideal for installations with high aesthetic value.


Product guaranteed for 20 years.

High performance

12-year 90% performance guarantee.

Technical information

Ideal for systems with high aesthetic value

132 HALF CELLS M6 - 166.00 x 83.00 mm
Photovoltaic Module MonoPERC MWT with Backcontact Conductive Backsheet
Dimensions 1889 x 1035 x 30 mm
Weight 20.50 kg
Backsheet color WHITE
BLACK anodized aluminium frame
Central JunctionBox
Compatible MC4 connectors
Product warranty: 20 years*
Performance guarantee: 12 years at 90% |  30 years at 82%
Certificates: IEC 61215 – IEC 61730 – IEC 61701 – IEC 61716 - FIRECLASS 1

*25 Years warranty only for Green Specialist GOLD installers

Additional Information

Trienergia TRIxxxVP-BB, all black photovoltaic panels 132 M6 half cells, for residential and industrial systems

Trienergia is an Italian company of innovative photovoltaic panels that exploit all the new generation technologies. The modules are MONOCRYSTALLINE PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell), made using the back-contact MWT (Metal Wrap Through) technology, which allows high performance to be achieved by exploiting the ribbon-less technology. The photovoltaic cells are glued onto a special conductive backsheet (EBfoil® BYS), thus eliminating welding, reducing the risk of breakage or microfracture, consequently increasing resistance and durability.

Another innovation is the use of the photovoltaic half cell (halfcut cell). The modules are composed of 132 M6 half cells sized 166 x 83mm. Thanks to the small size of the cells, power losses are reduced, and higher yields  are obtained even in the case of partial shading.

The cells are black and the frame is in black anodized aluminium, for a total black effect with a great aesthetic impact, designed to best integrate even on the roofs of prestigious properties.

In terms of performance, 90% efficiency is guaranteed for up to 12 years and 82% for up to 30 years of use.

Available in the model of PV modules with different peak power:
– TRI405VP-BB (nominal power 405 Wp)

– TRI410VP-BB (nominal power 410 Wp)

The modules are assembled in the Trienergia factory in the province of Mantua (Lombardy).

To find out the price list, simply request a free quote via the appropriate form without obligation. The sale is aimed mainly at designers, installers and wholesalers of photovoltaic material.