11 September 2019

Trienergia: certification FIRE CLASS 1

Certification FIRE CLASS 1 for all Trienergia MWT Backcontact modules

The FIRE CLASS 1 certificate has officially arrived for all Trienergia MWT Backcontact modules!
The certificate is valid retroactively for all systems already built using the Trienergia modules:

  • TRIxxxBC-WB    290-320W (60 cells)  white backsheet
  • TRIxxxBC-WB   350W (66 cells) white backsheet
  • TRIxxxBC-BB    100-110W (triangular) black backsheet
  • TRIxxxBC-BB    200-220W (rectangular) black backsheet
  • TRIxxxBC-BB    300-330W (60 cells) black backsheet
  • TRIxxxBC-RR    270-280W red backsheet – also included the new red triangles / rectangles