29 April 2024

Photovoltaics for businesses: benefits and why it pays

A sustainable and profitable investment: photovoltaics in business strategies

At a time when energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are at the heart of business development strategies, the installation of photovoltaic panels in companies is a winning choice. Converting sunlight into electricity not only significantly reduces operating costs, but also helps to improve the company's environmental impact. Explore below the many benefits that implementing photovoltaics can bring to your business.

Advantages of photovoltaics for businesses

The benefits of installing photovoltaic panels for businesses are many:

  • Reducing energy costs 
    The installation of photovoltaic solar panels is emerging as a key strategy for reducing electricity costs for businesses. By directly converting sunlight into electricity, this technology provides a clean, inexhaustible source of energy that is essentially free once the initial investment has been recouped. Technological advances in both panels and storage systems allow excess energy generated during peak sunlight hours to be stored and made available for use during off-peak periods or at night. This not only optimises system efficiency, but also increases energy cost savings.


  • Environmental benefits
    The use of photovoltaic systems contributes to the production of clean energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impact of business operations. In fact, unlike fossil fuels, solar energy does not emit any pollutants into the atmosphere during electricity generation.


  • Reputation and image benefits
    A commitment to renewable energy improves a company's image, enhancing the brand in the eyes of consumers and stakeholders who are increasingly sensitive to sustainable practices. Indeed, investing in renewable energy underlines a company's commitment to sustainability, a value that is increasingly recognised and valued in the global economic and social landscape.


  • Tax incentives and deductions
    Companies opting for PV benefit from government incentives, tax rebates and deductions created to encourage the use of renewable energy. These tax benefits reduce the initial investment and shorten the payback period, thus improving long-term profitability. Trienergia acts as your strategic ally in this scenario, offering personalised advice to help you navigate the panorama of available incentives.


  • Protection from energy market fluctuations
    One of the advantages of photovoltaics for companies is protection against the volatility of the energy market: adopting this technology means breaking with the dependence on conventional sources with uncertain prices and opting for a renewable and inexhaustible alternative. In a global context characterised by fluctuations in energy costs, often linked to geopolitical or economic factors, as evidenced by the rise in prices in 2022, photovoltaics is a strategic choice to ensure stability and predictability in operating costs.


Does photovoltaics make sense for companies?

In order to understand whether it is worthwhile for companies to invest in photovoltaics, it is essential to make a careful assessment of the return on investment (ROI). This indicator is an essential element of corporate financial planning, providing a clear and quantifiable view of the efficiency of the investment, allowing an understanding not only of how quickly the initial costs can be recouped, but also of the value added over time.

Photovoltaics for businesses: benefits and why it pays

How is the ROI of a company's photovoltaic installation calculated?

The evaluation process starts with an analysis of the total cost of the installation, which includes the price of the solar panels, installation, grid connection and any necessary permits. These costs should be subtracted from the annual energy savings, which depend on the size of the installation and the company's energy consumption, thus highlighting the reduction in energy purchased from the grid.

It is also important to take into account the tax incentives and deductions offered by current legislation, which can significantly reduce the initial investment and improve the economic performance of the photovoltaic system. Finally, the lifetime of the system and its efficiency over time play a crucial role in calculating the ROI. With a guarantee of 20 to 25 years and minimal loss of efficiency, the initial investment can be converted into a significant profit for most of the system's operating life.


By performing ROI calculations, companies can assess the profitability of their photovoltaic investment and make strategic decisions that balance financial sustainability with long-term environmental sustainability.

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