Trienergia module 60 cells TRIxxxBC-BB
October 31, 2017
pannelli fotovoltaici rossi triangolari alta efficienza Trienergia TRIxxxBC-RR 21 celle
TRIxxxBC-RR – Trienergia Triangular RED
May 13, 2019
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Trienergia module 60 cells TRIxxxBC-RR

monoPERC Photovoltaic Module (MWT)
with 60 x 6” (156 x 156mm) cells


Anodized Aluminum Frame
MC4 connectors

Product guarantee: 12 years
Yield guarantee: 12 years to 90% | 30 years at 80%

Certifications : IEC 61215, IEC 61730


The Trienergia PV modules of the TRIxxxBC-RR series are monocrystalline photovoltaic panels with PERC technology (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell), suitable for grid-connected systems, ie connected to the electricity grid. These are Italian (therefore European) photovoltaic panels, produced in the Trienergia plant in Mantova. These modules were built using MWT back-contact technology (Metal Wrap Through), the currently most advanced technology present in the photovoltaic sector, and this allows to obtain a higher yield. Each module is composed of 60 cells of 6 ”(156 x 156 mm). The photovoltaic cells that make up the photovoltaic module were not welded at the connection points, but glued on a special conductive backsheet (EBfoil® BYS). Presenting electrical contacts only on the reto of the module, welding points are no longer present (for this reason we speak of “ribbon-less technology”), and the panels are therefore more efficient (efficiency at least 10% higher than standard panels) and more resistant. The risks of breakage or micro-cracking are minimal. The total RED look makes them red design photovoltaic panels, with even greater aesthetic results, for a perfect architectural integration even at a visual level. As for the wiring, the photovoltaic solar panels TRIxxxBC – RR can be connected both in series and in parallel, depending on the electrical power that it wants to obtain. The various models (TRI270BC-RR, TRI280RR-BB) vary according to their nominal power in Wp. In terms of efficiency, 90% efficiency is guaranteed up to 12 years and 80% up to 30 years of use. The sale is mainly aimed at installers, designers, and wholesalers of photovoltaic material. For pricing, you can request a free quote in the tab below.

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