Code TRI130PA
Rated Power (Wp) 130.0
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V) 22.14
Current Open Circuit Isc (A) 8.01
Rated Voltage Vmp (V) 18.18
Nominal Current (A) 7.15
NOCT (°C) 48.0
Coeff Voc (%/°C) -70.0
Isc Coefficient (%/°C) 0.08
Pmax Coefficient (%/°C) -0.4
Voltage System (V) 1000.0
Standard Conditions 1000w/m2, spettro AM 1.5, temperatura celle 25°C
Weitgh (Kg/lb) 12 (26,45 lb)
Dimensions (mm) 1480 x 669 x 35 (58,27 x 26,34 x 1,38”)
Garanzia di prodotto: 2 anni.
Factory Inspection No

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