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January 15, 2020
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January 15, 2020
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Natural Circulation Kit Trienergia ORO

Solar kit for the production of ACS to natural circulation Trienergia ORO
Natural circulation systems offer an interesting alternative to exploit the free energy of the sun. Operating on the basis of a simple physical principle, they do not require mechanical drives (circulators) or control systems (control units), but naturally, in the presence of the sun, they supply domestic hot water. They can be installed on flat roofs or on roofs and connected to a heat generator (water heater / combined boiler).
Product advantages:
  • do not require mechanical drives
  • do not require control systems
Benefits for the user:
  • they can be connected to a heat generator
  • antifreeze liquid included
  • electrical resistance – 1500W
  • fittings for panels included
  • universal fixings
TRIENERGIA ORO solar kit of 2.0 square meters:
  • ORO120-150
  • ORO220-200
  • ORO220-300
  • ORO320-300
TRIENERGIA ORO solar kit of 2.5 square meters:
  • ORO125-200
  • ORO225-200
  • ORO225-300
  • ORO325-300
TRIENERGIA ORO solar kit of 2.9 sqm:
  • ORO229-300
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