Photovoltaic Modules

Trienergia is a producer and seller of Italian photovoltaic solar panels of the latest generation with innovative design, able to ensure high efficiency and better performance. Both photovoltaic modules for systems connected to the network and stand-alone modules for island systems are available.

What they are and what they are for

Definition: the photovoltaic module, commonly called photovoltaic panel, is a device that can directly convert solar radiation into electricity, thanks to the photovoltaic effect. Panels are used only for the production of electricity, and should not be confused with solar thermal panels, which exploit the energy of the sun for the production of domestic hot water.

The modules, assembled in various forms, have the heart formed by elementary silicon cells, which, when struck by sunlight, generate a small continuous voltage. To obtain high voltages, several elementary photovoltaic cells must therefore be connected together, combining series and parallel connections, until a standard module or panel is obtained.

Multiple photovoltaic modules connected together in series, create a photovoltaic string. In turn, more strings of photovoltaic modules connected together give life to the photovoltaic field (or photovoltaic generator). The amount of electricity produced by the generator depends in proportion to the amount of solar radiation that is collected by the photovoltaic modules. The generator, together with the inverter, the storage system and other accessories, constitutes the photovoltaic system.

Grid-connected PV Module

The grid connected solar panels are those used in photovoltaic systems connected to the national electricity grid.

Trienergia is an Italian manufacturer that has produced state-of-the-art PV panels in an innovative and highly efficient way. These modules take advantage of the MWT back contact technology, the latest in the photovoltaic sector, which allows modules to have electrical contacts exclusively on the back. In this way the photovoltaic cells that make up the panel are no longer welded at the connection points nor stressed by contact, but glued on a special conductive backsheet that acts as a contact and connection for the positive and negative contacts of the module. Deleting the welding points increases the efficiency of the panels (10% more compared to traditional panels) and minimizes the risk of loss of power, also reducing the risk of breakage.

The Trienergia system: design and efficiency for triangular roofs

The Trienergia System was designed for those who have a house with a triangular roof and wants to install a photovoltaic system that, in addition to energy efficiency, integrates well with the design of the house, without compromising the aesthetics.

Thanks to the combination of triangular photovoltaic panels (21 cells) and rectangular panels (42 or 60 cells), all the innovative and the unmistakable Full Black design (black cells, back-sheet and frame) can be harmoniously cover the surface available on the roofs triangular pitch, obtaining up to 50% more installed power.

Stand alone PV panels

The stand-alone photovoltaic modules, also called off grid or island, are intended for photovoltaic systems not connected to the electricity grid. An island photovoltaic system, that is electrically isolated, is self-sufficient, and in addition to solar panels, it also uses special accumulation systems that allow the accumulated excess energy to be used in times of need, such as during the hours when the plant does not produce electricity. These PV panels for self-consumption can be used, for example, in areas where electrical energy can not easily reach (mountain huts, isolated areas or difficult-to-access areas).

Prices and Costs

To find out the price of photovoltaic panels or to request a cost estimate, you can contact us  on the Contact page without any commitment from your side. Also within the product data sheets is available the appropriate form that allows you to request a free quote.

Incentives and tax deduction

Even if the “Conto Energia” no longer exists, for those installing a photovoltaic system by December 31, 2018, tax relief of the 50% IRPEF deduction for building renovations up to a maximum of 96,000 euros is provided. The tax deduction is spread over 10 years.

Prompt Delivery

Trienergia panels are Made in Italy (they are produced in the factory in the province of Mantua) and are available for immediate delivery. The sale is mainly aimed at installers, designers, retailers of photovoltaic material.


We can also supply wholesale supplies. For more information, contact us without any commitment from your sideby telephone or online contact form.

Consultancy for the choice

Our technicians are available to advise you in choosing the most suitable PV modules according to your specific needs.