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March 6, 2018
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September 17, 2018

Design photovoltaic roof: software for the ideal arrangement of photovoltaic panels


    Fri 06 - Jul, 2018

How does the software work?

The program, designed for designers, planners and installers , is free and allows to calculate the best arrangement of the PV modules on the roof , also obtaining the sizing of the system , the installed power, and the area covered.
To use it for free, just going to .
First you have to select the type of roof : Triangular, trapezoidal or rectangular roof.
Then you have to enter the dimensions in meters, as shown in the image on the right, and then click "confirm measurements". The work area will then appear.
At this point, on the left, select the power of the photovoltaic panels that you want to install on the roof and select the shape of the panel you want to mount on the roof: triangular, square or rectangular. The panel will appear inside the work area and can be moved at will. Through the "rotate panels" function, the panels can be turned before they are inserted.
In the menu in the left column, by selecting the wrench, you can access additional tools / actions. Selecting the first icon (the one with the design of the fireplace) you can insert "obstacles" on the roof, such as fireplaces, skylights, TV antennas, setting the size. In this way it will not be possible to insert solar panels in that space.
The second icon (the one with the design of the basket) serves to eliminate any excess panels.
At the end of the roof configuration you will also get the data of the area covered by the photovoltaic system and the total installed power in kW.

Place the photovoltaic panels on the roof in an aesthetically harmonious way

Trienergia has created a free software to allow anyone to configure the ideal arrangement of photovoltaic solar panels on its roof.
Thanks to the Trienergia System, a modular solution that uses a combination of triangular (21 cells) and rectangular (42 cells) photovoltaic panels, it is in fact possible to cover the triangular roofs in an aesthetically harmonious way.
The Trienergia System has been designed for those who have a triangle shaped roof and wants to install a photovoltaic system which, in addition to energy efficiency, is complete at best with the design of the house and does not compromise the aesthetics.
Thanks to the triangular and rectangular shape, the Trienergia photovoltaic panels allow to cover a larger roof surface , thus obtaining a greater installed power , and at the same time a result of design , with photovoltaics perfectly integrated into the roof.